Golf cart toys with campus police who can’t stop the spinning

Campus police can be a nuisance, but ultimately they are there for everyone’s safety and to make sure there is never a dangerous moment on campus that puts the livelihood of the students at risk.

That was never more evident than this week, when a driverless golf cart was on a spinning rampage and could not be stopped.


An out of control golf cart invaded the Loyola University campus in Chicago this week and continued to spin out of control while toying with campus police.

One of the brave campus policeman stood back and watched from afar, while another stood helplessly in the middle of the golf cart donuts attempting to find a way to bring the madness to an end.

After failed baton swings and failed attempts to latch on to the door handle, the campus cop simply gave the golf cart a giant bear hug. Meanwhile, the other not-so-brave campus policeman came running in to hop inside.

It took awhile for the golf cart to turn off, but ultimately these heroes made sure that order was restored at Loyola University.

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