Mark Dantonio has high hopes for Spartans spring game

While the college sports world as a whole is a passionate one, it is widely recognized that each individual sports has its own swagger and identity. In turn, the crowd atmostphere at the different sporting events tend to have their own vibe and level of intensity.

To Mark Dantonio, however, the intensity levels at the different sporting events should be interchangeable.

In talking about the crowd and ambiance for the annual spring football game, the Michigan State head coach said that he wants “to create a midnight madness type of effect for our spring game” with attendance reaching upward of 50,000 fans, reports

Quite honestly, with the Spartans’ high attendance numbers in football, and strong basketball culture, a mix of the two entities is a realistic marriage.

As CollegeFootballTalk points out, this isn’t the first time that Dantonio has put on his marketing hat. He requested a crowd of 50,000 for last year’s Green-White game, to which a whopping 35,000 attended.

Yes, that 50,000 is probably still pretty out of reach. According to the article, there is message board commentary stating that reaching such a crowd number is “beyond what the Spartans can reasonably draw.” However, we think Dantonio’s main focus is the level of enthusiasm brought by the crowd.

Anyone who has attended a midnight madness game will tell you how raucous it is — you can fully understand why the coach wants to inject that zeal into the atmosphere Spartans’ spring game.

Michigan State plays its annual spring game April 25 at 2 p.m.

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