Summer as an Athlete

With a few weeks left in the semester, I find myself completely and utterly ready for summer. I miss sleeping in until noon, not having to worry about class or schoolwork, and having my own schedule. It is truly a time for athletes to relax and take some time for themselves.

Sadly, as a college athlete, the reality is it last for only one month. Once June and July roll around, athletes will be back at their universities grinding in summer school and workouts. There is more free time in the summer, but classes are harder and the workouts are even more brutal. Coaches purposely kill your body so you can prepare for preseason and the upcoming season.

The hardest part about being an athlete in the summer (in my opinion at least) is the fact that we can’t work internships. It is usually almost impossible. In the long run, this hurts us in the business world because we don’t have the experience that many non-athletes have. Yes, we can put on our resume that we are athletes. But being an athlete doesn’t prepare you for everything you will face in the real world.

Although there are negatives of being an athlete in the summer, there is one positive. We still get a summer. As I get older, the more I realize that summer is a privilege for students and kids. It is a three-month period to relax and have fun, but not everyone gets that. That comes to an end after college.

So moral of the story is whether your summer is one month or three months, enjoy it because it won’t last forever.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Clemson Tigers Athletics

Photo: Frat dude hates everyone in the SEC but Arkansas
Photo: Frat dude hates everyone in the SEC but Arkansas