ASU’s Todd Graham: Scheduling cupcakes is un-American

Arizona State Sun Devils head coach Todd Graham notices what everyone who watches college football does as well: too many teams are scheduling cupcake non-conference opponents because they want to pad their record.

That is understandable, with only four teams reaching the College Football Playoff, but it also brings down the quality of the product that fans get to see on Saturday’s.

According to Todd Graham, that just isn’t right.

“We need to consider what the fans want,” Graham said, via “Fans don’t want to see you schedule four easy wins, then get two conference wins to get into a bowl game. That’s un-American.”

Graham also had some thoughts on ways to boost the schedule.

Rather than adding an additional non-conference game, Graham suggests all conferences should play nine games.

“Here’s the issue with college football. It should be equal for everybody,” said Graham. “Everybody should play nine conference games. Why nine games instead of eight? Because you play one more conference game that your fans want to see instead of scheduling a team that no one wants to see because you’re scheduling wins and don’t want to be out of the four-team playoff.”

It is an interesting idea, but one that a lot of schools and conferences will not be on board with.

Still, you have to give it to Graham for calling out thost “un-American” schools who are ruining the college football product by scheduling cupcakes opponents to start their seasons.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports