Texas A&M professor fails entire class for being a ‘disgrace’

Never mess with Texas A&M professor Irwin Horwitz, who teaches a Strategic Management at the Texas A&M Galveston.

Horwitz was unhappy with the way his students were performing and conducting themselves, so he decided to send a very pointed message to everyone in his class. Every. Damn. One.

“I was dealing with cheating, dealing with individuals swearing at me both in and out of class, it got to the point that the school had to put security guards at that class and another class,” said Horowitz.

In an email to his students, Professor Horwitz blasted the class for being a “disgrace” and decided to fail them all.

The good news for the students — or bad news for the alleged bad apples that aren’t ready for the real world and are getting a pass — is that the university said the failing grades won’t stick and they will have another professor come through to finish out the semester.

That doesn’t change the fact that Irwin Horwitz is a boss and his email to the students was fantastic.

You can read an excerpt from his email to the class below:

“Since teaching this course, I have caught and seen cheating, been told to ‘chill out,’ ‘get out of my space,’ ‘go back and teach,’ [been] called a ‘f—– moron’ to my face…

“None of you, in my opinion, given the behavior in this class, deserve to pass, or graduate to become an Aggie, as you do not in any way embody the honor that the university holds graduates should have within their personal character. … I am frankly and completely disgusted. You all lack the honor and maturity to live up to the standards that Texas A&M holds, and the competence and/or desire to do the quality work necessary to pass the course just on a grade level.”

We are team Horwitz.

What kind of students were in his class? Sheesh.

[H/T: Bro Bible]

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