UNC Tweets Larry Fedora X-Men Photo

It’s late April in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and UNC’s head football coach Larry Fedora wants to call attention to his program.

Coming off a lackluster 6-7 season and consistently downplayed by the popularity of the basketball program, this comes as no easy task.

Luckily for Tar Heel fans, Fedora and his team of recruitment specialists were prepared to get creative. I mean, really creative.

Taking advantage of National Superhero Day (whatever that means), Fedora and his UNC graphic design team released a Twitter photo this afternoon of the head coach posing as X-Men’s Wolverine.

Sporting his blades next to superhero Mystique played by super-actress Jennifer Lawrence, Coach Fedora actually resembles somewhat of a badass. While I’m not too sure how many 17-18 year old football stars are focused on superheroes, the man knows his recruits better than I do.

While this may strike most people as a bit nerdy or even flat-out embarrassing, publicity is publicity and the man certainly got us talking.

Nicely played Fedora. But next time, take a note from Kevin Sumlin and his “swagcopter” when looking to make a splash in the recruiting world.

Featured photo credit (above) to starnewsonline.com.

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