Mark Richt Fires Back at Harbaugh’s “Exposure U” Invite

Recently, the college football world has become increasingly aware of satellite camps and their implications in recruiting. These camps are a way for coaches to explore different areas of the country and interact with highly targeted prospects who may otherwise not be familiar with their programs.

At the forefront of the controversy is Jim Harbaugh – University of Michigan’s head football coach. Harbaugh, deemed king of the college football Twitter-sphere took no time at all to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the issue, and released a nation-wide jab at other coaches who have a bone to pick with his recruiting tactics.

Announcing his plans for “Exposure U” satellite camp, Harbaugh invited coaches from all over the country to come speak at the Michigan camp in Ann Arbor this June.

This caused quite the stir amongst head football coaches across the country – especially in the SEC.

While we all expected a little backlash from top programs such as Nick Saban’s Alabama, nobody was prepared for a not-so-playful jest from University of Georgia head coach, Mark Richt.

Traditionally cool-as-a-cucumber, Richt replied to Harbaugh’s Twitter troll with a little sass of his own. Addressing Michigan recruits and the frigid (compared to Georgia) climate, Mark Richt offered his two-cents stating, “I don’t know how many guys want to go up there and freeze their tail off.”

Bring it on Harbaugh, because Mark Richt and Georgia have Mother Nature on their side.

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