Woman Lights Car on Fire After Being Denied a Cigarette

Imaging you’re filling up your tank at a gas station and a woman you don’t know approaches you from behind asking for a cigarette.

Caught off guard, you simply reply “No I don’t, sorry.”

Most normal people would accept that answer and be on their merry way. Well, this woman is not a normal. Not in the least.

This cigarette fiend of a human brought it upon herself to set this innocent man’s car on fire by dropping a match into the gas can. What a gal.

Either this lady needs a nicotine patch ASAP or she was way too over-eager to reenact the opening scene of Zoolander.

Luckily for everyone else, gas station attendants were able to extinguish the fire before anyone was seriously hurt.

As for the woman, she better cut her costly habit quickly, because she’s got a new car to pay for.

*Section Photo credit to LiveLeak; Featured Photo (above) credit to New York Daily News.

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