WR Aregeros Turner achieves catch-backflip hybrid

There is just about nothing more impressive on the planet than a backflip.

Even people that can do backflips are impressed by backflips.

So send your thank-yous to CollegeFootballTalk and every other site that has posted this flip-happy video of Aregeros Turner.

As you can see, the NIU wide receiver does just achieve a flip with perfect form, but catches the pigskin at the same time. It is worth watching about five times in a row.

Turner is already on our watch list, being that he is expected to be the Huskies top receiver this up-coming season. That and, as Yahoo!Sports points out, how he exploded in NIU’s final six games of the season.

Granted, now spectators are also going to expect him to do backlips in the endzone every game. We will be on pins and needles waiting to see if this gymnastics routine makes the game day highlight reel.

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