Georgia Tech’s Spiteful Championship Rings

Georgia Tech Football is the biggest joke in college sports right now. They pulled off the most ignorant move of the off season by getting “State Champ” rings printed on the bling they received for beating Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl. Not surprising however, as the nerds tend to do idiotic things under Paul Johnson, who lets face it- is such a bad coach he believes he can win a National Championship running the triple option offense. Can you name the last team to win a ‘ship running the triple option? Probably not. But back to the obnoxious jewelry.

Now let us review the way that Georgia Tech supposedly earned these “State Champ” rings. For starters they beat Georgia Southern who recently became a D1 affiliated school. They barely squeaked away with the win as Justin Thomas dropped back to throw a pass to Deon hill with 23 seconds remaining allowing Georgia Tech to avoid a devastating upset. But clearly that pathetic performance did not warrant the state rings, so they must have been aiming at the University of Georgia with this preposterous jeer.

Before we even look at the UGA vs. GT game from this year, let us look back on the recent years of the rivalry known as “Clean Old-Fashioned Hate”. Since the year of 1979, UGA has won 27 of the last 36 games against GT and Mark Richt has personally embarrassed them, winning 12 of 14 games against the Jackets. To paint an even clearer picture of how bad Tech is against the Dawgs, Tech hasn’t won in the rivalry since 2008. To go and make State Champ rings like you own the state is nonsense and every player on the team should be embarrassed to be a part of the program.

Looking back on the rivalry game this year, Georgia Tech was lucky to escape Athens with a victory. With a bonehead special teams call from the Dawgs to squib kick instead of kick the ball out of the end-zone, the Jackets took favorable field position and were able to kick a lucky field goal in the last seconds to send the game into overtime, where they would get away with a scarce victory. This win however hardly warrants any sort of grand recognition, especially not inscribing “State Champs” permanently on a ring.

All in all, Georgia Tech will regret this tactic. They have been laughed at and ridiculed for the stunt but most importantly as Jordan Jenkins for the Dawgs has mentioned, they provided locker room material for the Bulldogs going into next year. Tech should prepare for a beat down from the Junkyard Dawgs this season and I’m sure they are relieved to be playing Alcorn State this year instead of the terribly threatening Georgia Southern Eagles.

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