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The continuing ‘feud’ between Jones and Noah


There is drama to be had in the state of Ohio, courtesy of some cross-sports jawing between Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah and Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Cardale Jones.

And now there are outlets putting the two up for a boxing match.

Bleacher Report manufactured an entertaining “tale of the tape” graphic, depicting boxing stats for a matchup between the two. Jones of course took to Twitter to say that he is the heavy favorite in a bout with Noah.

Amazing what less-than-24-hours on a sports news cycle can do to a story that started with a little trash talk.

After the Chicago Bulls’ center reportedly chirped at the Buckeyes’ quarterback from the bench during Wednesday’s NBA playoff game, a social media feud has all but taken all of Thursday’s headlines.

Well, at least Jones’ Twitter game is snagging all the headlines. The QB has built up quite reputation over the last six months or so for his tweet-y tangents. So of course, Jones went full-tilt, calling Noah a “chump” and the like.

Jones subsequently being juiced about a made-up boxing match? It only gives this supposed feud better legs.

True, the boxing graphic is clever–and timely, coming off the heals of last weekends Pacqiao-Mayweather fight.

But we aren’t holding our breath on these two actually going head-to-head in any capacity anytime soon. Particularly after Noah cleverly said on Thursday that he didn’t really know who Jones was, then added: “I wish him nothing but the best.”

Quotes like that are only going to fuel Jones’ Twitter shenanigans even more. We can’t wait to see how this continues to unravel.


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