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The Winningest Chicken: Floyd Mayweather


48-0 and one of the well-known athletes of this generation, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has been catching intense heat from fans, the press, and even fellow athletes following his controversial fight against Manny Pacquiao last Saturday. Mayweather is one of those stars everyone loves to hate due to his haughty personality and tendency to brag about his lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

Recently in an interview Mayweather was questioned by a reporter on people calling him a chicken for his defensive style of boxing. Even the eccentric retired boxer Mike Tyson was quoted calling Mayweather a “small, scared man”.

Mayweather brushed the hatred off by retorting “they call me a chicken from what I hear, (then) I’m the winningest chicken I know”.

As much as you may despise the man for how he arrogantly holds himself, you can’t justifiably tell him he is completely wrong. He has the stats and record to back up his statement.  As an undefeated professional in the sport decorated with 11 world titles, he is currently the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

Mayweather admits in the interview his hands have seen some wear and tear over the years and he has adjusted his style of fighting to cope with his woes.

So while many people were dismayed with the way he handled Pacquiao, you have to understand and appreciate the true ability Mayweather possesses to gauge his opponent and fight in a way that leads him to victory 48 times straight.

Mayweather dominated and deserves the right to showboat however he pleases. Pacquiao was swinging at air all night and didn’t stand a chance against the beast. If I won $180 million in one night to add on to my net worth of $300 million I would be cruising around in lambos and blowing fat stacks too. He’s living one hell of a life as one of the highest paid athletes of the world and you can’t discredit his right to celebrate. The winningest chicken can’t be beat.

Here’s to you Floyd Mayweather.

You can see the full interview of Floyd Mayweather here:

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