Ralph Lauren Is Calling All Ballers

Ralph Lauren wasn’t kidding when he said “what began 40 years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style” (www.ralphlauren.com). Not only does Lauren have a ridiculous number of stores both throughout the U.S. and internationally, but he is now looking to open up a new and improved baller-status store in Milan, Italy.

Just to provide some background on Milan– along with Paris, New York, and London, it is known as one one of the fashion capitals (a city that influences international fashion) of the world. Milanese fashion is best described as classic, as it is simple yet tasteful and of high quality.

According to Lauren, “Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream” (www.ralphlauren.com), making it a perfect fit for Milan.

In efforts to show that Ralph Lauren is worthy of its space in Milan though, they have stepped up their game to give Milanese shoppers just what they’re looking for: quality clothes and special treatment. This new Ralph Lauren shop will take the place of the one currently located in Milan–and for obvious reasons. It’s so much better.

The new Ralph Lauren will consist of one-on-one assistance by appointment only, and VIP members. And since everyone gets hungry and thirsty when they shop, this store will also provide lunch and drinks after appointments. In allowing the people of Milan to ball out, this Ralph Lauren is sure to be a success.

Now, if we could just talk Lauren into opening one of these in New York.

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