Kindergartner/Ohio State Fan Doesn’t Believe Michigan Exists

College rivalries are the greatest thing known to man. They have caused physical altercations, divorces, and even people to lose their jobs! But what this Ohio State Buckeye fan that is in kindergarten did takes the award for “Cutest Michigan Hater of 2015.” According to College Spun, the kid doesn’t want to acknowledge the existence of Michigan. Not the University of Michigan, Michigan State, or Central Michigan Univeristy, but the ENTIRE state of Michigan.

Yep, that’s right folks. Even five-year-olds know their college rivalries. This is obviously not something the kid thought up on his own. I’m sure @Jason_Fleegle had a ton to do with his child’s disdain for the Great Lake State.

I think someone ought to sit this kid down and break the bad news to him. That bad news is that the Wolverines actually lead the rivalry series 58-46.

In the kid’s defense, the Buckeyes are 4-1 over Michigan in his lifespan with the average margin of victory for Ohio State being just over twelve points. Oh, and they are the defending National Champions. Buckeyes win.

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