Stanford Band Banned from Traveling Amidst Investigations


Any college football fan has at least heard of the Big Game in 1982 where the Stanford band entered the playing field before the end of the game and during a California kickoff return. That ultimately led to the Bears scoring a touchdown and winning the game. This was certainly not the last incident that we saw from the Stanford band, but it looks as though we won’t be seeing or hearing much from them on away games in the future.

In a report by College Football Talk, the Stanford band has been prohibited to travel to any away games for any Cardinal sports teams for one year following a lengthy investigation that showed the band violated multiple school policies on alcohol, hazing, and sexual harassment.

Stanford Daily wrote:

A joint investigation by Stanford’s Organization Conduct Board and Title IX Office found the band had violated multiple school policies on alcohol, hazing and sexual harrassment.

The violations “included a tradition in which a band member was given an alcoholic concoction intended to make that individual vomit publicly; an annual trip in which some band members used illegal substances; and a band selection process in which individuals were asked a number of inappropriate questions on sexual matters,” the school said.

The Stanford band is known for causing mischief ever since the infamous scene in the 1982 rivalry game, but this time, they went too far and are paying for it dearly.

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