Flick of The Wrist

You can rent a mansion, exotic vehicles and even the latest in designer fashion; so why not high-end watches? Now you can.

Through companies like Eleven James and Haute Vault, luxury timepieces ranging from Rolex to Audemars Piguet can be yours by obtaining an annual or monthly membership.

Rolex Submariner (Photo Credit: rolex.com)

Haute Vault offers annual and corporate memberships featuring gold, platinum and diamond statuses including rental and purchase discounts should the customer decide to buy the piece. The watches’ styles vary from Luxury Sport to special events.


(Photo Credit: Hautevault.com)

Eleven James features monthly and annual memberships as well as a point reward system that can be used towards rentals and purchases. In addition, the memberships include VIP access to exclusive events such as rare whisky tastings, Q & As with renowned watchmakers and meet and greets with top athletes.

Some may criticize renting luxury items as “posing;” however, celebrities regularly “borrow” their jewelry from high-end jewelers for red carpet events and movie premieres. Not to mention sites like Rent The Runway and Bag Borrow or Steal, which have relatively similar concepts for couture clothing and designer bags, have flourished in the fashion community by shedding stigmas and allowing the masses to experience Boss status even if it is only for a short period of time.

So, rent away friends and Flick those wrists proudly.

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