How not to be a Basic Chick on Snapchat

Snapchat has become a huge part of this generation in the past few years and I’d be willing to bet that at least 98 percent of college students have the app. While the app is a great tool to stay connected with friends and develop relationships, many awful snapchatting trends have developed with the female population largely to blame.

I will now introduce the “Seven Sins of Snapchats” that need to cease immediately for the sake of mankind.

1. Hot Dogs or Legs? Whoever originated this woeful phenomenon that took the Snapchat world by storm last summer is probably dumber than dirt and should be banned from the world of technology. It’s not cute, it’s annoying. It definitely goes without saying, but just to clarify everyone knows they are legs and rarely are you going to be as tan as a hot dog to even remotely fool anyone.

Do the guys a favor and just send those snaps to your girlfriends if you feel so inclined to crack that joke.

2. Little Nugget! This is the most absurd and aggravating word that every guy absolutely hates. Snapchats titled “At the beach with this nugget” or “Shopping with my favorite lil’ nugget” need to be stopped. Your short friend is not a piece of deep fried meat. Grow up a bit and expel the word nugget from your Snapchat dictionary.

3. Food pic. Snapchats of some junk food with a caption stating “omg I’m such a fatass” have got to go. What do you want the guy to say in return? Not only do you put them in a spot of no right answers, but you come off as an attention craving nuisance. Eat your Nutella and Snickers without taking pics and enjoy the food rather than complaining to your friends on Snapchat.

4. Snapchat Candids. On Instagram and Facebook candids are fine, but they have no place in the world of Snapchat. You aren’t fooling anyone when you are fake laughing at the air while “accidentally” capturing the moment on Snapchat.

5. Easy on the My Stories. 30 seconds or less each day. Your life is not interesting enough to be posting 200 second my stories every single day. If you go to a concert please refrain from posting 10 seconds of every single song the musician plays to your my story. I would have gone to the show myself if I wanted to see it so bad. Also, when you take off on a road trip with your gal pals, do not record yourselves singing along to 90s music and post it to your my story.

Nobody wants to watch all of you compete over who can scream the words the loudest, it is just obnoxious.

6. Drunken Snaps. Drunk and disorderly snaps can be incredibly funny, don’t get me wrong. The main issue is when some girls send 15 straight snaps of themselves sipping their vodka water limes through their straws and typing illegible nonsense. Omit this and head for original and unique drunk snapchats like your best friend dancing by herself, which is way more entertaining.

7. Snapchatting in the Gym. Keeping track of your fitness is great and guys definitely do appreciate your hard work. However the my stories of you keeping the whole world updated with your daily workout is haughty and neurotic.

While guys thoroughly enjoy using Snapchat to stay connected with girls these tendencies need to draw to an end. If you find yourself questioning whether or not you should actually send a snap to a guy, chances are you shouldn’t.

Feel free to comment on what snapchats guys should stop sending or what you disagree with in this particular article.

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