Ezekiel Elliot finds answer to crop top ban

Blame the 90s revival for the revamp of the crop top, and the fact that it isn’t bowing out any time soon–not even on the college football scene.

The NCAA might have banned the bellybutton-baring jerseys, but Ohio State’s star running back Ezekiel Elliot may have exposed a loophole with his tweet on Thursday:

Now once we all get over laughing at the visual that gives you, let’s consider the fact that this is probably not a real thing. Nobody has Urban Meyer on record saying that he would don such an ensemble, so this could simply be Elliot remaining vocal about not liking the ban.

Plus, Meyer seems like more of a sequined-ballgown wearer than a midriff-barer, right? (Totally kidding.)

For Urban Meyer’s sake, let’s hope that not too many OSU fans are expecting this. CollegeSpun, who reported on Zeke’s tweet Thursday afternoon, called Urban Meyer in a crop top “something we’d love to see on the sideline this fall.”

Sorry NCAA, but the “Crop Top Rule” looks to be causing some trouble.

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