SEC to Increase Fine for Rusing the Field

The Southeastern Conference took the first step in ensuring the safety of their student athletes on Friday.

According to ESPN insider Brett McMurphy. the SEC will increase the fine to storming the field of play to $50,000 for first offense. The previous amount was only $5,000.

Now, the question becomes how does the university handle the amount of security they will need to prevent the fans from rushing the field? You’re over the top fan or student might not care that the school will have to pay a major fine. The SEC might have to look into discipline for anyone who steps foot onto the field to really get their point across.

Just last season Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and LSU were fined after fans rushed the football field following their team’s victories.

Most of the time players are allowed to leave the field or court without any altercation and fans just want to be involved in the celebration. However, in early February that was not the case.

After Kansas State and Kansas played one of the more thrilling games of the college basketball season, Kansas coach Bill Self was pinned against the scores table while some of his players were involved in pushing and shoving altercation with Kansas State fans.

Today it is a bump or a shove, but tomorrow it could be something more severe. Every precaution needs to be taken for the player’s safety. Especially when it comes to sports, an area of life where passion for your team can sometimes turn into stupidity.

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