Have No Fear, the Skin Book Is Here

With a total of 10 tattoos, I’m somewhat of a tattoo junkie. I never feared the pain or permanency, or had issues trusting tattoo artists.

I also always viewed tattoos as something special, as mine represent my experiences, my family, my beliefs–or to put it simply–me.

Though getting tattoos has always been easy for me, that isn’t the case for everyone.

Some people get psyched out by the pain factor, but most hesitate because they are not comfortable with someone they don’t know permanently branding their body (which is understandable).

In efforts to ease people’s minds, Cass Anderson of Bro Bible explains: “Tattoo Art Magazine has created the ‘Skin Book’ made of synthetic flesh as a way for tattoo artists to practice their craft on something that resembles actual skin.”


Hypebeast describes the Skin Book as “a notebook that features pages of artificial skin for tattoo artists to hone their skill,” explaining that “the pages in the book feature body parts, so novice inkers no longer have to practice on animals, oranges or their friends.”

Anyone with tattoos can see the benefit in having tattoo artists practice not just on skin, but also on body parts, as we know that placement can also make or break a tattoo.

I’m hoping those without tattoos see the benefit of the Skin Book as well though, so that they too can build up the courage to get tatted, and more importantly, experience something special.

Gronkowski donates cleats with special written message
Gronkowski donates cleats with special written message