Bryce Harper reinvents autograph, takes selfie on fan’s phone

Athletes signing autographs is so last decade. Want proof? Ask Bryce Harper.

The Washington Nationals sensation proved this when he took a selfie pre-game with a fan’s cellphone.

The interwebs went a-buzz during warmups before the Nationals Tuesday double-header with the Toronto Blue Jays, though it had little to do with either game. It is reported that a fan threw her phone down to Harper, and the 22-year-old outfielder obliged by taking a selfie, then tossing the phone back.

The funny-face pic tells us three things. First: Tallying 18 homers on the season can put any guy in a good mood. Second: Harper doesn’t appear to get too keyed up before a game to blow off an eager fan.

But most importantly: Harper might have started a trend. How many other fans are going to throw their favorite outfielder their cellular devices in hopes of getting a Harper-esque photo in return?

Phones might start flying over outfield fences more often than home run balls.

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Jameis Winston comments on Draya incident