Steph Curry’s Hustle and Flow

Is it possible that NBA’s MVP has skills off of the basketball court? Stephen Curry has always been about basketball, but he had a brief stint as a rapper.

No, he wasn’t a Jay Z or even a one hit wonder Vanilla Ice, but he did have a few bars for his college campus hot spot, Commons. During Curry’s junior year, he teamed up with some other students and made a video of the college’s R&R spot.

“This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve done during college,” Curry said in an email, via Bleacher Report.

The video isn’t going to win any awards, most likely you’ll see something similar on Saturday Night Live, but the great part about the video is that according to Curry’s college coach Bob Mckillop, the Commons is where the reigning NBA MVP made the decision to leave college and enter the NBA.

Talk about sentimental value.

Don’t be on the lookout for any album being dropped by Stephen Curry. For now, we’ll look forward to him on the court leading the Golden State Warriors to a championship.

In the words of rapper Drake, “Steph Curry with the shot, boy”.

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