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Kim and Kanye didn’t expect to be expecting


With Kim and Kanye’s second, and possibly third child on the way, I am already dreading their choice of unclever names. South? East? Who knows…

Though I am not in line with Kim and Kanye’s choice of baby names, I am happy for the couple, and eager to find out if they will be having twins, or just one child.

I am happy for the couple because Kim was told she wouldn’t be able to have any more children after “her first pregnancy ended in a complicated delivery due to preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition in which a woman’s blood pressure skyrockets during pregnancy, as well as placenta accreta, where blood vessels from the placenta grow into the uterine wall and remain attached” (www.people.com).

According to PEOPLE, Kim and Kanye tried for nearly 8 months before Kim decided to have her first in vitro fertilization treatment. Despite that the first treatment with hormones didn’t work, the second without hormones did.

And Kim couldn’t be happier about it, stating: “I’m so grateful to even be pregnant when we didn’t think it would ever happen for us.”

Though Kim getting pregnant against all odds is exciting in itself, be sure to keep up with this Kardashian to see if she will be having more than one miracle baby.

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