Chipotle expanding benefits, including tuition-reimbursement

Chipotle has grown to Starbucks status. There are so many of them it is incredible that the number of locations has yet to cancel out the number of people who want to eat their food.

But the eatry is doing something extra special–expanding their benefits system to their hourly employees.

Sources went wild a couple days ago after Nation’s Restaurant News announced that Chipotle wil be expanding the benefits plan previously reserved for salaried employees to those on hourly wage. The benefits include paid sick days and tuition reimbursement.

Yes you heard that right. Reimbursement for school dues. Paying for classes with burrito blows will become a reality.

Chipotle’s recruitment strategy manager J.D. Cummings said of the benefits:

“We have a lot of folks who, if they realize they could make a career with Chipotle, would stick with us while they are in college and take advantage of our tuition-reimbursement program. They could find the path to restaurateur is an amazing path that they might not have thought of.”

It’s refreshing to here of a company–any company really–looking to promote their employees attending college. In a time when most companies follow a ludicrous helter-skelter scheduling system for minimal pay that forces many employees to drop out of school, it looks like Chipotle is taking steps to treat them better.

Plus: Offering to help with college tuition really is the ultimate gift nowadays. It will be interesting to see how this affects Chipotle’s average employee tenure and morale.

The benefits changes are set to take affect July 1.

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