Austin Peay’s perfect athletes set classroom standard

After the appalling yet unsurprising news about North Carolina and academic fraud, it’s nice to hear about a Division l school that still has some type of standards and morals when it comes to their student athletes.

A very big pat on the back and round of applause is in order for nearly 40 student athletes at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN.

For that matter, the same goes for the professors, counselors and the entire administration and faculty of this small university. In a day and age where academic fraud happens far too often amongst NCAA Division l schools, it’s a nice change of pace to know that there is a school that still prides themselves in having students that still attend their own classes.

A total of 37 student athletes are credited with perfect 4.0 GPA’s for the spring 2015 semester, and 13 of the 16 teams in the Athletic Department had at least one student to post a 4.0 average for the spring.

Adding to that, a staggering total of 83 student athletes made the dean’s for this academic year. Right now North Carolina’s AD is wishing he could copy and paste his schools name over Austin Peays.

For once, let’s forget about all of the corruption of big time college athletics and let’s recognize the people that should be fawned over and have praise heaped upon them.

Sure, they aren’t a football factory or a hoops powerhouse bringing in millions upon millions to the university every second of every day, but let’s for once celebrate the little guy. In sports, we love to cheer on the little guy or the underdog.

Although this isn’t on the court or field, Austin Peay should be cheered on and congratulated for accomplishing something that we don’t nearly hear enough of coming from other NCAA Division l schools.

Congratulations, Austin Peay State University, it is your day and you all earned it!

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