Check out this Toomer’s Corner wedding cake

Weddings are a wonderful thing. It’s a time to celebrate happy couples, eat some great food you may or may not be able to afford otherwise, enjoy an open bar and dance like a madman.

Hell, my lovely fiancé Caitlin and I are in the process of planning ours, and it’s a very exciting process.

The reason I bring weddings up is that Auburn fan Hart Barton got married last weekend and his bride scored MAJOR wife points in getting him his own personal groom’s cake, as opposed to just one wedding cake for the two of them.

This cake just happened to be the AU logo with the famous Toomer’s Corner oak trees up on top, toilet paper and all.

Of course, Barton took to Instagram and posted a picture of the cake.

It’s sad that the trees had to be without leaves, as an Alabama fan infamously poisoned the trees a few years back. Though those trees have been replaced, it’s still unsettling. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that Barton’s wife is officially awesome and he surely has many happy years to look forward to, maybe getting an Auburn cake every year for his birthday? Or for cleaning the storm gutters?

In fact, allow me to take a moment now to reach out to the lovely Caitlin, who puts up with me talking about sports non-stop and constantly checking scores while I should be looking at bouquet ideas.

Honey, love of my life, woman of my dreams, mother of our future children, could we please have a red velvet wedding cake with butter bacon frosting in the shape of the New York Yankees’ logo?



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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports