Meet the most aggressive high school softball catcher ever

High school softball. It can be one of the most entertaining sports to watch if you give it a chance. From a bunch of sixteen- to eighteen-year-old girls chanting and cheering some of the wackiest things you will ever hear come from a dugout to seeing home run after home run getting blasted because of the much smaller field, it can make for an exciting afternoon.

What this high school catcher did is certainly not what the game of softball is all about.

In a story by Barstool Sports, a video is featured where a pair of high school softball teams in Texas are playing what seems to be routine game of softball. Well, until the Hardo High School catcher decides that she is tired of playing softball and wants to show off her tackling skills off to the crowd.

One girl rounds third base after a ball is blasted to the left field wall. The catcher takes what some would call a cheap shot, but I like to call it a blatant a-hole move. She sticks out her elbow and nails the defenseless girl. She is clearly in pain as she limps off the diamond. The person filming is clearly upset, as you hear him screaming in one of the biggest country twangs you could imagine, “She hit her with the elbow!” But that isn’t it folks.

The video jumps to another shot where another baserunner is rounding third and the catcher decides she hasn’t had enough. So, she does it again. The second girl is helped off the diamond, limping severely and the peson behind the camera is upset again.

“She did it again! She did it again!”

This. This is why I never continued my baseball career. This is why I don’t play in men’s softball leagues now. There is no legal contact in the sport whatsoever, so every now and then you get someone with pent up aggression that decides to take it out on the first defenseless person he, or in this case she, sees.

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