Video: Notre Dame commit takes 5-pound Reuben challenge

If you’re anything like me, you love the TV show “Man vs. Food” and thus view any eating challenges that restaurants offer as personal. It appears that Class of 2016 Notre Dame commit and Ohio native Tommy Kraemer is the same way.

In a video by Bleacher Report, Kraemer and B/R’s Sam Gilbert take a trip to Izzy’s Restaurant in Cincinnati to tackle its legendary five-pound Reuben sandwich. Yes, you read that correctly. A FIVE POUND SANDWICH.

Let’s dissect the sandwich first…

On a two-pound bun, we have a pound-and-a-half of homemade corned beef, an eight ounce potato pancake (On a Reuben??? WHAT?!?!), eight ounces of sauerkraut, four ounces of gooey and delicious (at least to some people) Swiss cheese and four ounces of thousand island dressing. That gives us a grand, clogg-o-licious total of 5,852 calories.

I’m guessing a side of paddles costs extra?

The trick is that so long as the sandwich is finished in half an hour, it’s on the house. Otherwise, it costs $19.99. Oh, and to be a little clearer, Kraemer is 6-foot-5, 310 pounds, so this could very well be child’s play for him.

Unfortunately, despite a great start and being in fine spirits throughout, Kraemer proved that he is all man and not machine. As the clock expired, the ridiculous amount of sauerkraut and ginormous bun proved to be too much. Hopefully, his future Notre Dame teammates won’t be too hard on him about not being able to succeed in this challenge.

But in all seriousness, watch the video! It’s a lot of fun.

And for anyone else who’s reading this, who wants to take a road trip to Cincinnati?

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