Fresno State unveils new live bulldog mascot

Dogs are so cute, aren’t they? I have always been known to favor dogs over cats as a domesticated pet, so I am always excited to see puppies. No, Jerry Lawler, not those puppies.

Now, the Fresno State Bulldogs have found themselves their own puppy to take the place of their former mascot.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Victor E. Bulldog III.

Fresno State introduced their new mascot Wednesday afternoon and they couldn’t be happier. Victor III, of course, replaces Victor II after his unfortunate death last season.

Fresno State president Dr. Joseph Castro talked about being excited for the future with the new mascot.

“Having Victor E. Bulldog III join our Fresno State family makes this a very special day for our University and the entire Valley. As our mascot, he is beloved by the Red Wave and holds a special place in all of our hearts. Today is also a bittersweet day as we think about the sudden loss of Victor E. II, who leaves a big `collar’ to fill. We’ll remember him and celebrate his spirit as we welcome the newest, and hopefully boldest, Fresno State Bulldog.”

It seems as though Mr. Bulldog III even has his own Twitter and he is loving the campus already.

The entire Fresno State family welcomes Victor E. Bulldog III with open arms and I am sure he is ready to bask underneath the beautiful California sun this football season.

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