Guy makes beer pong trick shots; celebration needs work

Beer pong is considered by many college fraternities to be the next “sport” that should be added to the summer Olympics. For some, it is just a good excuse to get drunk while throwing a little white ball at your buddies. For others, well it has become an art form.

In a video shared by BroBible, an awkward looking dude, who obviously has way too much time on his hands, put together a string of beer pong trick shots that would make even the guys of Dude Perfect happy.

The video consists of a treadmill, golf clubs and…a hair dryer? I don’t know.

You check it out for yourself.

While the video is entitled “Unbelievable Pong Trick Shots”, the real treat is the guy’s reactions to some of his makes. The way he puts his hands on his head says one of two things. 1. “I can’t believe I just made THAT.” or 2. “Finally, after 206 tries, I made it!”

Maybe it’s just me, but there is no way I couldn’t have some kind of alcohol in my system while practicing these trick shots.

Then again, there is rarely a time where beer pong is around and I DON’T have alcohol in my system.

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