Toomer’s Oak on Magnolia Avenue to be replaced

One of the two oak trees on Auburn University’s campus is needing to be replaced and it will happen next month. The oak tree on Magnolia Avenue has not taken to its new soil very well and it has not produced since being replanted in February.

Boy, those trees sure can’t catch a break can they?

According to, one of Toomer’s Oaks on Magnolia Avenue has died and will have to be replaced in the next month. That tree, along with its twin on College Avenue, were replanted in February to replace the old, iconic trees that were poisoned by Alabama fan Harvey Updyke following the 2010 Iron Bowl.

Professor of Horticulture Gary Keever attributed the bareness of the tree to transplant shock when it was moved from South Carolina to Alabama.

In a report from April earlier this year, Keever said, “The College Street tree had roots all the way out of the ball. We didn’t see that kind of root growth at the tree along Magnolia Avenue. Even though both trees lost a lot of their roots when they were dug, the College Street tree just isn’t showing the same stress as the Magnolia Avenue tree is. At the time, it wasn’t anything to be concerned about.”

Let’s hope that the new tree takes hold to the soil a little better this time around and that some lowlife from Tuscaloosa doesn’t kill it again.

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