Celebrating Dad Bods could be bad for society

While I disfavor Dad Bods because I’m kind of a jerk, others find them displeasing for more logical reasoning.

For instance, Jim Grant points out that the Dad Bod represents a guy “who’s not scared of a cheat meal, because he eats just about anything and everything.”

Unsurprisingly, by celebrating Dad Bods, our society is subconsciously celebrating obesity, which as we all know, is a problem in the United States. And so much so that www.publichealth.org refers to it as the “American obesity epidemic.”

I work at a sub shop on the weekends and my boss is very conscious of what he eats. Though everyone should be conscious of what they eat, he is constantly ridiculed and poked fun at for the way he counts calories and balances meals.

This is the first time I realized American society celebrates obesity without realizing that they are, and possibly without meaning to.

The second time I realized America is guilty of promoting obesity is when I noticed people were growing concerned over putting Dad Bods in the spotlight because of the “a balanced diet is not important” message it might be sending.

While some are concerned about the potential health issues the Dad Bod phenomenon might cause, others are concerned about the potential economic issues that might stem from the Dad Bod trend.

For example, Brandon Wenerd asked: “But how [do] financial markets react to viral “trends” like the dad bod?”

To which Business Insider explained that “according to market legend Grant, this probably isn’t good news for athletic-apparel brands like Under Armour.”

While it is something that most of us don’t think about, Dad Bods could be hurting business for successful companies like Under Armour, Nike and adidas just to name a few.

Though it might sound a bit extreme, I would encourage you to take into account all of the effects that celebrating Dad Bod could have on society.

While praising Dad Bods can positively affect society by boosting males’ self-esteem, it can also negatively affect society by harming males’ health, as well as some of the world’s most successful companies.

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Under Armour’s Portland HQ in 2016
Under Armour’s Portland HQ in 2016