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Video: Punk rock singer catches flying beer, drinks it



Those were my exact words when I stumbled across this video of the lead singer of Dutch punk rock band John Coffey snatch a beer out of mid-air and down it before tossing the cup over his shoulder. What? You don’t believe me? See it for yourself.

BroBible shared the video Sunday morning of David Acther de Molten standing up on the shoulders and hands of the crowd at the Pinkpop Festival in Holland. A plastic cup half full of beer comes flying at him like a wild Pokemon in the tall grass and he does the most badass thing possible.

I am amazed by two things. 1. The fact that the beer didn’t go flying all over the heads of the crowd subsequently leading to a royal beatdown of the guy who threw it and 2. the way de Molten reacted by calmly chugging down the beer and tossing the cup away and not seeking out the guy to exact some revenge.

Good on you de Molten and John Coffey. You have just gained one American fan.


  1. You’re in the Lifestyle section of the website. I’m a college student. I drink beer. I go to rock concerts. And this was trending. Kinda relevant to college.


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