Video: Tom Brady dances awkwardly with Wiz Khalifa

Personally, if I won a Super Bowl with a NFL team, I don’t think I’d ever stop partying. Tom Brady has won four rings and he still has a great time when he gets it. That was the case this past weekend when the New England Patriots received their Super Bowl XLIX championship rings.

In a video shared by Fansided, the Patriots gathered together to celebrate the team’s fourth Super Bowl ring since 2002 and I have to say that their owner Robert Kraft has better moves than his MVP quarterback. See for yourself.

The funniest thing about this video isn’t the fact that Kraft, who is 74, is getting down on the dance floor. It’s not the awkward, no rhythm, dance style of Brady or the fact that he is wearing all four of his Super Bowl rings on his right hand. It’s not even Rob Gronkowski rocking out in classic “Gronk” fashion. It’s Wiz freaking Khalifa making a strange appearance near the end of the clip to hype up the team.

Wait a minute. Wiz what happened to “Black and Yellow”? Talk about a bandwaggonner.

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