Highlights from Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event

After Nintendo kicked off the 2015 E3 event on Sunday with the announcement of new Super Smash Brothers characters Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from Street Fighter, the Nintendo Digital Event, formerly known as Nintendo Direct, kicked off Tuesday’s festivities in Los Angeles.

The event opened up with Satoru Shibata, Reggie Fils-Aime, and Sheguru Miyamoto (all in puppet form) introducing a new addition to a classic line of games: Star Fox Zero. The new game features everything that gamers loved about Star Fox 64 and then some. Shibata talked about the gameplay for the Wii U game being much more simpler with the two joysticks controlling movement and the buttons controlling flips, u-turns, and transformations.

Fils-Aime talked about Mario celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015 and talked about how it transformed gaming from Super Mario Bros on NES to Super Mario 64, the first 3D platform game. This year, Super Mario Maker is being released and will allow players to create their own levels and beat other players’ creations.

Nintendo also introduced two new Amiibo characters that will be usable in Skylanders and other Nintendo games. Turbocharged Donkey Kong and his vehicle, the Barrel Blaster, and Hammer Slam Bowser and his vehicle, the Clown Cruiser.

The event moved into a series of game teasers and trailers for the upcoming year. Some of the new games featured were: Zelda: Triforce Heroes, Zelda: Hyrule Warriors for the 3DS, Fire Emblem Fates, Animal Crossing amiibo festival which is an Animal Crossing version of Mario Party, and a closer look at Yoshi’s Wooly World, the second yarn-based game after Kirby’s Epic Yarn in 2007.

The last bit of the Digital Event was dedicated to revealing more behind Super Mario Maker, including the capabilities to use Super Smash Bros Amiibos in the game and change Mario in the game into whatever Amiibo you place on the Wii U Gamepad. There will also be an 8-bit Mario Amiibo released this year in honor of the 30th anniversary.

Nintendo fans have a lot to be excited for this year and I think it’s safe to say that all gaming fans can appreciate what Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have brought to the table this year at another successful E3.

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