L.A. runners take to the streets to admire street art

Runners are always searching for courses that are aesthetically pleasing.

Runners World even designates a special section in their magazines to what they refer to as “Rave Runs” since they know runners are always looking to run courses that are worth raving about.

Interestingly enough, there is a running club in L.A. that seems to have rave runs all the time. This group, known as BlacklistLA, is a running group that explores street art in Los Angeles — lit by streetlamps.

As Dana Zepeda explains in the July issue of Runner’s World, “L.A. is home to several thousand murals and graffiti works,” so it is the perfect area for doing so.

Zepeda further explains that the club has “grown to more than 300 members” and that “the club meets every Monday night for three-to four-milers that take in public art in downtown L.A. and surrounding neighborhoods.”

For those of you who are concerned about strolling through the streets of L.A. at night, there is little need to worry for BlacklistLA has what they refer to as “Street Smarts.” They stick together, communicate, and designate people as pacers for others to follow.

According to the club’s founder Erik Valiente, “this is not a race, but an experience around L.A.” This suggests that the purpose of the scenic runs is not to compete, but rather, to enjoy the experience.

So if you are in the L.A. area, and looking for a more unique and enjoyable running experience, be sure to check out BlacklistLA.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Instagram (@BlacklistLA)

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