Debauchery overcomes Chesney-Aldean concert

Oh, summer concert season, how we love thee. Your unnecessary amounts of debauchery and mystical way of making show-goers throw all fashion sense out the window is really something to marvel at.

Case in point: This weekends Kenney Chesney-Jason Aldean concert at  Lambeau Field, which generated 25 arrests, some 125 ticket confiscations and somewhere between 250 and 300 individuals ejected from the concert grounds, per Doug Schneider of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

But Schneider, a self-proclaimed “watchdog reporter”, did more than just write a hard news piece summarizing the coutnry show’s shenanigans.

Oh no, he kept the masses aprised of the action mid-concert by live-tweeting the police scanner of the evening’s shenanigans.

The kids over at BroBible were kind enought to catalog Schneider’s #scannersquawk chirps from the concert, which range from fighting to groping to a lot of people passed out on sidewalks.

It reads better than reality TV. Check out some of the examples below.

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"Female passed out on the sidewalk." #scannersquawk

— Doug Schneider (@PGDougSchneider) June 20, 2015

"Women's bathroom outside 114. Woman's passed out. But breathing." #scannersquawk

— Doug Schneider (@PGDougSchneider) June 20, 2015

"Guy with a beard who has vomited all over himself." #scannersquawk And now I'm less interested in dinner

— Doug Schneider (@PGDougSchneider) June 20, 2015

"Fight on the field in the sandbox right near the mixer" #scannersquawk

— Doug Schneider (@PGDougSchneider) June 20, 2015

"He's, uh, dirtied his pants." #scannersquawk

— Doug Schneider (@PGDougSchneider) June 21, 2015

Party on, people.

*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports