KHL puts all sports’ trade moves to shame with 24-man deal

You don’t have to be a hockey nut to know that the KHL is its own breed of insanity.

Case in point: When one of my Campus Sports writer brethren likened it to the WCW, I remarked that the Kontinental Hockey League has fewer teeth and more vodka. And that wasn’t an exaggeration.

So it doesn’t garner more than a light-slap-on-the-knee reaction at Wednesday’s news that one team acquired a whopping 24 players in a single trade.

The fact that Spartak Moscow was able to aquire a full bench from SKA  St. Petersburg doesn’t sound like it should be legal in any league in any sport.

However, when you sit back and see the full story, it makes a bit of sense.

Russian Machine Never Breaks put the out-of-this-world trade into simple terms: The original Spartak team lost its sponsor last year and folded and sent 16 of its players to SKA. This year another team, Atlant  Moscow Region, folded and also sent players to SKA–meanwhile, Atlant’s GM became GM of the reborn Spartak team. Then, the rejuvinated Spartak acquired the Atlant players from SKA.

So perhaps “acquired 24 players in trade” isn’t the best way to word this transaction. It seems more like one team split like a banana to create another one.

No matter what you want to call it, it has already made every move the NHL is about to make in free agency seem like child’s play.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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