Video: Braxton Miller’s son gets scared by zoo giraffe

Many of my favorite childhood memories involve trips to the zoo, be it watching the tigers sleep in the son to elephants showering each other with their trunks to monkeys…well, being monkeys.

Unfortunately, for Landon Miller, two-year-old son of Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Braxton Miller, such memories probably won’t bring smiles. Instead, he’ll probably get terrified.

Landon Miller went with his father and some friends to the Columbus Zoo yesterday and attempted to feed a giraffe. The giraffe appeared willing, but young Landon obviously wanted to take things slow. Of course, his father captured the entirety of the event on his Instagram.

Poor Landon! He thought he was about to have a fine day at the zoo with his dad and his friends, and instead gets set up on an impromptu blind date with a giraffe? Maybe next time they’ll do dinner first before the giraffe tries to slip Landon some tongue?

Then again, in Landon’s case, maybe apple juice and animal crackers at the playground is a better option. And maybe have the giraffe on a leash.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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