Photo: Michigan RB Wyatt Shallman has a pet kangaroo

There are some people who just have weird pets. In Scarface, Tony Montana got himself a tiger. Some like to keep monkeys as pets. Michigan running back Wyatt Shallman, however, has taken having exotic pets to a new level.

On his Instagram, Shallman posted a picture in which he claimed to have adopted a kangaroo.

If that’s a kangaroo, I have two things to say. First, OH MY GOD CAN I PET IT AND HOLD IT AND LOVE IT AND WALK IT ON A LEASH??? Second, I hope that Shallman has a lot of space because once that animal reaches full size, it’s going to need all the room it can get to hop around.

For those who are wondering, the average kangaroo is anywhere from three to five feet long and weighs in at a muscular 200-plus pounds.

Granted, Shallman’s pet is likely a wallaby, aka a smaller kangaroo, so there’s every chance that this isn’t a catastrophe waiting to happen. Just the same, Shallman would be wise to do his research and ensure that he can keep the animal, if he did indeed adopt it.

Hopefully the rising sophomore can also find a way to balance his football and academic obligations on top of caring for an animal that probably has very specific needs.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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