Photo: This Auburn/Alabama ‘House Divided’ car is crazy

In all my years of being a college football fan, I have seen some pretty wacky stuff when it comes to people loving their teams. People who absolutely love their team, more than likely hate their team’s rival. It’s pretty much a given.

Sometimes, people fall in love and don’t let their hate for the other’s favorite football team get in the way of their happiness. About ten years ago, someone came up with an amazing idea to make “House Divided” bumper stickers and license plates. They have one for almost every rivalry. From the big ones like Ohio State/Michigan, Georgia/Florida, and Texas/Oklahoma to the more obscure ones that people don’t think about that much like Clemson/South Carolina, Houston/Rice, and even Georgia Southern/Appalachian State.

THIS may be taking the concept of combing rivalries and love a little too far. shared a photo of family in Alabama that clearly sits down to watch the Iron Bowl every year and every year one person is overjoyed, while the other is depressed, upset and probably about to be drunk.

Someone went above and beyond the license plate and wrapped their ENTIRE CAR in Iron Bowl fanfare.

I would say that that is a pretty neat idea, but I wouldn’t want to be rolling down the street in something that is going to cause a major distraction, and probably a wreck. Can you imagine the looks this family gets when they aren’t in Tuscaloosa or Auburn?

This wrap job on the car actually turned out to be an advertisement for someone’s car wrapping business. The owner of the business talked about his work on the car with

A House Divided car designed by Alex Pingree, owner of Flying Horse Graphics in Muscle Shoals. He said the business creates vehicle wraps. “I wanted to do something to attract attention, and it does,” Pingree said in an email. “Fun to drive and watch reactions.”

Well done sir. I’m not going to be doing this to my car, but well done.

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