Wisconsin F Vitto Brown has funny encounter with UK fan

Anyone who has ever traveled on an airplane know that flight attendants usually aren’t the happiest people in the world. The handful of times I have flown, there may have been one flight attendant that actually enjoyed her job. Upsetting a flight attendant the second you enter the plane usually isn’t a great thing to do, but hey they are already pissed off anyway.

What happened between one Wisconsin Badger and a flight attendant was actually pretty funny.

Wisconsin forward Vitto Brown took to Twitter to discuss how he took a flight on Sunday afternoon. He was naturally wearing a Badgers’ T-shirt and one flight attendant was not happy about it.

Walked on the plane with a Badgers shirt.. Flight attendant asked if I played. I said yes. She said she bleeds blue. I said keep bleeding.

— Vitto Brown (@SenseiSwat33) June 28, 2015

Lol she was a Kentucky grad, I could see the salt visibly spewing from her face as I sat down with sly grin. She said she don't like me..

— Vitto Brown (@SenseiSwat33) June 28, 2015

So that explains why she was so upset. She went to Kentucky. It will be a long time before Wisconsin fans forget beating the seemingly unstoppable Wildcats, the same Wildcats that had four lottery picks in this year’s NBA draft, in the Final Four to advance to the team’s first national championship game since 1941.

It’s sad to think that fans just can’t accept the fact that they lost and congratulate the other team, especially a player on the team, for a job well done.

Who am I kidding? I would probably be the same way if Duke lost to Wisconsin in the title game, but I surely wouldn’t do it while on the clock.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports