Guy plays Star Spangled Banner with a rifle, tears shed

The Fourth of July is one of the biggest holidays over the summer that people often forget the true meaning of. Yeah, it’s fun to shoot off fireworks, drink beer, eat hamburgers, and hang out with friends and family, but do people really know what the day means?

We celebrate this year for the day the United States of America became a free and independent country and it is sad that people forget that every single year. This guy shows what it means to be a true American.

BroBible shared the awesome video of Chris Chang shooting at metal targets with a rifle to play out the famous song that people hear probably more times than they usually want every year. The Star Spangled Banner is USA’s national anthem, we all know that. But have you ever heard it played like this?

I know I haven’t and I bet you haven’t either. This is certainly an improvement from hearing a high school marching band butcher the song at a local football game every Friday night.

I loved this version of our national anthem and it made me so emotional that I had to grab a tissue from the bathroom. That was only after I saluted the first picture of the American flag that I could find on my phone.

This was an amazing version of the national anthem, but I really think it will be hard to beat American fans singing the national anthem at the 2014 World Cup. Chills.

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