Video: Brock Lesnar destroys Cadillac, hits fan with door

If you are aware of anything that happens in the world of professional wrestling or mixed martial arts fighting, you probably know who Brock Lesnar is. Lesnar announced that he would not be returning to UFC back in May after he renewed his contract with WWE.

He made his return to Raw, after being “suspended” the night after Wrestlemania, a few weeks ago to challenge the man that stole his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the same event, Seth Rollins. Rollins had just made amends with his personal security team, J & J security made up by Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury, by buying them a brand new Cadillac.

The pair of goofballs were parading around Chicago on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw when they drove it into the arena to accompany Rollins to the ring when he was going to call out the Beast. They made the mistake of leaving the car near the entrance curtain with a pissed off animal making his way to the ring.

BroBible shared the video of Lesnar turning his attention on the Cadillac and destroying it with a couple of fire axes. At one point during the demolition, Lesnar snapped the back door of the car completely off and hurled it off to the side.

What most people didn’t realize until replays showed later on, was that the inside panel of the door had flew farther than the door itself and into the crowd. From what I could originally see, it looked like it had been caught by a fan. Unfortunately, it actually injured the fan and he had to be tended to by paramedics.

Lesnar throws the door at around the 2:40 mark of the video below. Watch carefully as you can catch the inside panel of the door flying into the stands. You can also hear the crowd react as it hits a fan in the front row of that section.

A fan in the stands posted a Vine which gives viewers a much different aspect on the incident. The video is actually quite frightening.

Now, I was all for Lesnar destroying the car as it was an improvement in my eyes. J & J Security had already ruined the car by putting a hunting-camouflage racing stripe down the side and chrome tips on the exhaust. I never wanted to see a fan get hurt in the process.

I’m sure Lesnar feels the same way and I’m sure he will get an earful from the higher-ups. Meanwhile, you can probably expect WWE to be shelling out some money for another brand new Cadillac, one that isn’t going to be intentionally destroyed. Or they could at least get the fan some front row tickets to a future event.

Either way, I don’t think WWE will be destroying any cars for a little while.

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