Boost Band revolutionizes device charging for the better

Let’s face it. We have all been there. You’re out with friends, traveling on a plane, or at a big concert or festival. You are probably using your cell phone, tablet, or even Bluetooth speakers and then you realize “Oh crap, my (insert random device here) is almost dead and there are no outlets anywhere. What do I do???”

Boost Band now gives you the worry free satisfaction of being able to charge any and all electronic devices. With the popularity of wearable electronic devices, it is no surprise that somebody has come up with a wearable charger.

Paul Elliot, President of Boost Band, recently contacted me after reading a piece I did on Slip Cup, the revolutionary beer pong invention. We both felt like Boost Band would pertain to college students or anyone on the go. The thing is, Boost Band isn’t just a start up invention. You can actually buy the product now!

Elliot created the Boost Band with David Spang over the last few months after Spang came up with the idea after his phone died at a music festival. He didn’t want to wait around a charging station in the middle of the event where he would miss all the bands. Thus, the boost band was born.

The band not only charges any and all cell phones, but it can work with various electronic devices. From the Apple Watch to a Kindle to a Nikon camera, the Boost Band works with everything! It also has a comfortable 7.9 inch wristband, so it can fit most large wrists.

You can buy one for only $19.99 today and I know I will be getting one. Will you?

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