Video: Dave Grohl lets fan play drums on stage for birthday

I’m sure we have all been to a concert once in our lives and thought “I can do that, no problem!” You feel like you can play the guitar, drums, or even sing as well as the guys who make millions of dollars to entertain us.

One guy did at a Foo Fighters concert and he actually got the chance to do that on Friday night.

BroBible shared the video of Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl noticing a guy who was holding a sign that said “It’s my birthday, can I play drums?” in the crowd. He actually told Anthony Bifolchi to come on up and said “You better not f-ing suck, dude.”

Bifolchi then proceeded to rock out to the band’s popular song “Big Me.”

Grohl, who is the former drummer of Nirvana himself, has made news as of late after he fell off stage during an overseas show and broke his leg. He has continued to tour with a cast on his leg, all while sitting on an awesome throne of guitars.

If there ever was a time for a rockstar to become president, it would be now and Grohl would be that rockstar.

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