Duff Beer is finally on the market!

Mmmmm…beer. At least that’s what a bunch of people are bound to be saying now that Duff Beer, made famous on “The Simpsons,” is now available to buy!

Alison Lynch of Metro.Co.UK reported the story, and Duff is set to hit the shelves in Chile this week and follow in Europe early next year.


All I have to say is this. It certainly took long enough! “The Simpsons” has been on the air for coming up on 27 years, and have a crap-ton of merchandise for fans to purchase. This includes T-shirts, mugs, pint glasses and even comic books, among many more. How did it take Duff Beer this long to roll out? Surely, there must be some former marketing guy for Fox banging his head against his desk and going “D’OH!!”

Granted, unofficial versions of Duff were around for years before 21st Century Fox put the kibosh on that, but I repeat the earlier statement. The show has been on for decades, so why did it take so long? Anyway, I digress.

As a die-hard fan of the show, it’s great to see the merchandising taking a step forward and not just catering to teenagers. Once Duff comes to the United States, it’s a certainty that I and my fellow Simpsons fans will celebrate with an awesome, as Duffman would say, OH YEAH!

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