Video: Epic backflip pass highlights rugby win

Everybody loves a good backflip. Especially when it results in something a little extra epic.

So of course the interwebs have been going gaga over this delightful impromptu backflip-pass hybrid that resulted in a try. Nathan Friend of the New Zealand Warriors might now be the sole posseessor of one of the best rugby moments we have ever seen.

Here’s the highlight, courtesy of theCHIVE:

Typically a maneuver like this comes with the disclaimer “Don’t Try This At Home.” But let’s be real–who isn’t going to try perfecting the backflip pass?

Chances are, Friend and the Warriors themselves couldn’t have repeated this play if they attempted it a hundred times. They’ll just have to settle with the fact that it gave them a game-winning try over the Melbourne Storm.

Well, that and a highlight-reel-worthy gymnastics act that will last throughout the ages.

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