FSU’s Dalvin Cook was cited for abusing three puppies

Florida State Seminoles running back Dalvin Cook is apparently no stranger to run-ins with the law.

Earlier this week, Cook was accused of punching a woman in the face outside of a Tallahassee bar and was booked in the Leon County jail. However, this is already his third scrape with law enforcement in Tallahassee.

In June 2014 Cook, along with teammates Trey Marshall and Jesus Wilson, were charged with criminal mischief after being involved in a BB gun battleThen, only a month later, Cook was cited for having three pit bull puppies “tethered together directly around the neck by a heavy chain” as well as for failing to provide shelter.

Sports Illustrated passed along the citation for Cook’s animal abuse charges. Cook was fined $275 dollars for each violation of Tallahassee’s city ordinance.

With the public perception of FSU’s football program already being that of a complete and utter dumpster fire, it’s astounding how players still manage to fan the flames. Granted, this never would have been brought to light had Cook not been accused of punching a woman.

Still, if there are two things that are going to do you in in the court of public opinion, it is hitting women and abusing animals.

Cook has been suspended indefinitely for his alleged punching, but the evidence agains’t him is far from airtight. If he is found guilty, it would be unfathomable that he wouldn’t be booted from the team.

However, if these very serious charges against him do end up being dropped, he can probably expect treatment similar to that of former teammate James Winston, who was accused and never charged for sexual assault.

Even though Winston wasn’t convicted, his string of other off-field antics made him the target of public scorn. Cook’s alleged abuse of puppies is, by any estimation, worse than Winston’s stealing crab legs or yelling profanities in the student union.

However, because Cook doesn’t have the clout that Winston did nor the amount of instances of stupidity, he probably wont be subjected to the same type of treatment. Regardless, Cook can look forward to the fact that as long as he doesn’t do anything serious enough to get kicked off the team, he’ll be making millions in only two short years, no matter what he does off the field.

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