Harper gives away a PS4 in a random act of kindness

We all have the innate desire to get free stuff at baseball games – or just free stuff in general. For some people, it happens.

During the recent All-Star baseball game, Bryce Harper showed his character past his mediocre showing of two strikeouts in three-at-bats. He may have walked away from the plate a loser, but he walked home a winner in the eyes of the people of Cincinnati after his random act of kindness during the All-Star Parade earlier in the day.

As the Washington National’s star’s car approached the ending of the parade route, Harper grabbed a Playstation 4 out of a truck and handed it to a young fan in the crowd. It sucks, though, that I wasn’t there, because we all know this guy needs his PS4 fixin’ this year.

In any case, if he thought that this act would go unnoticed, he was mistaken. Fans and attendees went to twitter in force to tell the world about the kind-hearted outfielder making a little kid’s day.

Too bad the Orioles may not feel the same way about him.

Still, do you, Mr. Harper, do you.



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